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Vivo Health

Rapid Covid Testing to return to normal life.


About Us

Vivo Health is building rapid testing solutions to return to normal life.

Our focus is on low cost, serial testing to enable safe return to school & work. An initial product will be available for SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19), with a v2 that adds multiplexed ability to test for Flu A/B and betacoronavirus. Phone-app resulting & tracking will enable longitudinal data and 'clear-result' passporting for school, work & community population testing programs.

Test Tubes

Innovative Technology

Everyone wants to return to everyday life. Our way out (until we have safe vaccines at scale) is Frequent, Fast-turnaround, Cheap & Easy ("FFCE") testing.

No commercial solutions are available that address this combination. Vivo.Health will, at scale.

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The Vivo Health Team

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Jeff Huber




Angel Voss Huber

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)



Arsalan Vossough-Modarress

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)



"Frequent, Fast, Cheap & Easy testing is our way out." #FFCE

–Jeff Huber